• Taylor Swift tweeted about Landon, "Just listened to Landon Austin's cover of Spark's Fly - I really like it!."
  • Gavin Degraw tweeted about Landon's cover of Not Over You "Fantastic."
  • Top 3 finalist in National Competition Doritos Crash the Super Bowl. Signed to Interscope Records and released music video and single "Waitin." Was featured on national television in 2009 Super Bowl During pregame show.
  • Opened for Counting Crows, Boys Like Girls, Hanson, and Rooney as well as featured on front page of Coldplay.com


Landon has accumulated over 30,000 subscribers on Youtube and between his two channels has over 4.5 million video views.

Landon has toured to over 20 colleges and is currently opening for Jenny and Tyler on the TX leg of their  tour.

Landon also was a top three finalist in the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl competition in 2009 and a live performance of his was aired during the Super Bowl pre-game show.