At age sixteen Jennie Wellsand realized what it meant to be saved by grace. While raised in a few different churches growing up, Jennie landed at a nondenominational church in Valparaiso, Indiana in 2002 and began taking guitar lessons. Worship leaders from her local church took Jennie under their wings and taught her how to not only play acoustic guitar, but to sing strong melodies and find harmonies as well. Since 2002, Jennie's been leading worship at multiple churches in Valpo and now attends the Valparaiso Nazarene Church (you can watch the Wednesday night & Sunday morning services online at

As years of playing guitar and leading worship passed, Jennie knew one day she would release a worship album. ie that is to say is a testimony of the grace that surrounds Jennie and her team. A lot of the songs written on ie that is to say display God's grace, beauty and His creation. "Everything we see on this earth was created by God and that's something we need to be aware of. Each time Austin Hill and I sat down to write songs, lyrics that declared who God is and the beauty that we see in His creation continued to flow out of us." Many of the lyrics Jennie & Austin write proclaim God's work such as, if your love were the stars, 10000 nights could not contain them and I find you in the night with the beauty of the golden sunset, I find you in the day with the brilliance of the changing leaves, purple mountains tell Your great glory and the reason why we sing. Jennie continued to say that, "It was so incredible to see God work in this album release. I couldn't have spent my 25th birthday any better way than to have the release of ie that is to say. God exceeded my expectations at the release. There were over 200 people at the event, many of whom haven't been in a church building for a long while. It's refreshing to see the impact God's made through me in my community. It's also amazing to see how perfectly God put everyone in my life that was supposed to work on this album with me." Jennie has seen God's hand upon every area of this album release from writing, recording, mixing and mastering the album, all the way to the production of the album and release event. "I thank God for His perfect timing & amazing friends that were perfect pieces in the puzzle of my life and ministry."