• Atmospheric rock band from Columbus, OH
  • Can provide sound and lighting
  • Received national radio play with their latest single, Mystery of Love


In an age where popular music is often filtered with a desire for fame, Fever Fever has set out to create something sincere. The songs are from deep hearts, to deep hearts, sent with a peace that only God can provide. Early on in the band's career, the members quickly found themselves desiring truth and wisdom beyond their immediate grasp. This search in time bore a deep love for expression in music and even more a love for knowing and loving people wholly. Fever Fever’s true heart is captured in their connection to the world, the church, and the Lord.
This connection is very apparent in the live arena. Fever Fever seeks to really cultivate genuine community before, during, and after every show. The show itself is a culmination of those relationships. The live experience is brought to another level with the aid of Fever Fever’s visually creative show.
Every member of the band has served in churches as a worship leader, youth leader and a leader of youth leaders.  They share the church’s passion to minister to a young, ripe generation of saints and servants of Christ and are currently serving as the band, fulfilling their call to ministry.
Fever Fever has recently released the Kingdom EP in February, 2012, which has received national college radio play and they have been touring the Eastern US since its release.


"Fever Fever is one of the best young bands around. The future is bright knowing that these guys will be there making great music and blazing a trail of fresh creativity."

-Phil Joel (Newsboys, solo artist)


“We were blessed to be able to host FeverFever for a church service and a concert.  Both were very powerful experiences for our congregation and community.  We were touched by the passion and authenticity of the band.  We even had one of the band members share the Word on a Sunday morning and he did a great job!  They are a quality band--their music, their character, and their passion for Christ!  I'd have them back again anytime, any venue.  They were far more than what we hoped or expected.”

Jim Gippert
Lead Pastor
New Hope Vineyard in Fremont, OH

“As a youth pastor I’ve always been hesitant to host a concert event at my church, but hosting Fever Fever was a no brainer for me.  They were the perfect fit offering a high energy and engaging performance while also naturally weaving their music and lives with their faith.  They are creative, talented, and put on a great show.  From beginning to end hosting them at my church was a great experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!”

Jay Fast
Youth Pastor
Evangelical Covenant Church in Attleboro, MA

“Fever Fever is comprised of guys who truly care about God and exemplify Him through their songs and their interactions with others. They take the time to get to know their audience and develop personal relationships with them. I have enjoyed getting to know them when they performed at our college. Every student looks forward to seeing them and spending time with them after their concerts.”

Olivia McFarland
Student Events Coordinator
Ohio Valley University