The Deal:

This year Fandana will be offering a $40 full event pass per person to all youth groups, regardless of size. This rate only applies to youth groups & chaperones needed to accompany the youth. We offer regular group rates online at We will also be doing a special "ministry" ticket incentive whereby we hope that you, as leaders, will use the bonus tickets to give away to students who may not know the Lord or who are not able to afford attending Fandana on their own. Here is how it works:

  • If you purchase 10 tickets, we will give you 2 ministry tickets
  • For 20 tickets, we will give you 5 ministry tickets
  • For 50 tickets, we will give you 15 ministry tickets
  • and for 100 tickets, we will give you 33 ministry tickets.

They plan on having no price increase for youth groups as we draw closer to the event, but will be putting a deadline at some point in July to have your order and payment finalized in order to receive ministry tickets. Again, please honor the Fandana mission with this program and ensure that all ministry tickets only go to students and individuals who do not know the Lord or who honestly cannot afford to attend Fandana.

You are also encouraged by Fandana to combine with other area youth groups in order to better take advantage of the ministry tickets; though, we do ask that full payment be made from only one entity.

Lodging Discount:

Camping will be available for those of you wanting a more adventurous stay. Spaces for primitive camping will be 15x20 square feet. The first space will be $29 and each additional space will cost $19.

Huntington University will also be making campus lodging available in their dorm rooms. Only two individuals will be allowed per room (families will be allowed to have 2 adults with up to two children under the age of 8). Prices will be $29 per room for the first night and $19 per room for each additional night. We also will be selling linen packets for $19 each, but we highly recommend you bring your own sleeping bags and pillows. They will be more comfortable and more economical! :)

How to get the discount:

Fandana will be processing all youth group orders in-house and will prefer checks written out to "Fandana Festival", but will also be able to take credit card payments, if necessary. Please contact Katie Martin directly if you are interested in purchasing tickets at this rate or if you have any other questions!

Thanks and may God continue to use us all for His glory.

Katie Martin
Marketing & Operations Coordinator
Fandana Festival
c: 219-263-8920