• In 2011 reached top 10 acoustic album downloads on iTunes
  • Featured on Relevant Magazine's The Drop and RTV
  • Invited to be one of 3 freestyle emcees on Whose Rhyme is it Anyway?


Something strange happened in the swamps of south Georgia. Heath McNease grew up in the sticks. He is a nerd turned theatre major turned rapper turned folk singer turned redneck turned nerd all over again. His approach to music is influenced by so many different styles and textures that finding just one genre for him to neatly rest in is impossible. Growing up, his mom gave him The Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkle, and The Beatles. His brothers gave him gangster rap. Classic rock, blues, and folk would eventually collide with his love for hip hop and...yes...musical theatre. Heath is a fearless lyricist. With his rapid fire, multi syllabic rhymes, unabashedly honest storytelling, and insanely erratic freestyles onstage...he leaves people feeling like they've just connected with a genuine guy. Not a pretender...

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“We had Heath McNease for the Music Therapy 110 Tour. The show went amazing! Heath's overall stage presence won the student body over and it was clearly evident that everyone was having a good time. Heath was a a great person to hang out with before and after the show. I'm sure Augustana would be happy to have him back again!”

Sawyer Vanden Heuvel
UBG Coffeehouse Co-Governor, Augustana College SD

“Heath McNease came to NC State and put on a fantastic show for a crowd that, for the most part, had not been exposed to his music prior to the show. But midway through the first song, the crowd was already hooked, singing along and waving their hands as Heath spent the rest of his performance creating an environment of interaction in which his passion to put on a solid show prevailed. He's very engaging, very professional from soundcheck until the last fan went home and the stage was clear. We can't wait to bring him back to Raleigh once again.”

Dave Pond
NC State University Information and Communications Department Specialist


“Heath McNease was extremely interactive during his performance at our coffee shop at Lasell College and included wide variety of musical styles throughout his show.”

Megan Cheever - Student Activities Board Representative
Lasell College


“First off, I want to say how absolutely pleased we were with Heath's show. He had a great attitude paired with a great set. I already told him he is welcome here again... Heath McNease's charm and charisma on stage proved infectious gaining the love and attention of all who came to watch him.”

-Matt Adler
Student Entertainment Events- Concerts
University of Maryland