The Spark-­‐ Your Love Is Strong (4 stars) ****

"Live worship is so tricky... how do you capture the energy of the worship while also capturing crisp audio quality?  Ask The Spark.  They got it picture perfect on their latest effort.  Much like Hillsong United, this group carries a passion and attention to detail on their live record that doesn't feel contrived, but rather rings true as authentic.  One of many standouts is the lovely rendition of "nothing but the Blood" and the title track."

-Grace S. Aspinwall
CCM Magazine



Prior to establishing themselves as a band in 2008, The Spark was simply a small group of musicians filling a need for worship music within their local church in Kenosha, WI. As a by-product of the Living Light School of Worship Internship Program, they soon realized that their impact was as dynamic as their sound. Their debut full-length live album entitled "Your Love Is Strong," (released in August 2010) is a vital melding of new and old, fresh and familiar. The Spark tears the ribbon off the neatly packaged box that most contemporary Christian sound fits into. They explore the depth of worship that is only possible when the Word of God is sought honestly and humbly, something that front man Chris Marvin feels is the band's foundation. "I think there's great danger in writing songs for other people to sing while failing to stay true to their message on a personal level," he says. "I want to make sure that we actually hold our own relationship with the Lord higher than a stage where we tell other people to be close to God."

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“In a season where worship bands can be overproduced and formulaic, The Spark breaks forth with a genuine love and devotion for God that resonates through their music and ignites a passion for His presence in all who listen.  These guys and girls are the real deal, full of character, substance and anointing.  They create a great atmosphere of vulnerability and intimacy.  Chris Marvin’s leadership, vocals and direction stands strong, creating a tasteful blend of raw passion, artistry, and well crafted songs.  I have enjoyed worshiping with them in both a corporate setting and on my own with their EP.  I wait with anticipation to hear more form this band, and to follow their lead into the presence of God.”

-Korey Cooper of Skillet


“It is always refreshing and encouraging to hear new sounds and voices that only break the silence to glorify God.  I can hear in The Spark, desire and honesty, a desire to seek God and offer an honest example of the best they have.  I hope The Spark is able to start a big fire!”

- Nathan  Cochran of Mercy Me


“The Spark did a great job leading the students at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center in worship. They were professional, authentic, and best of all, the worship was all about God and not at all about them. I highly recommend them for any worship setting!”

-Jason Coon - Program Director
Miracle Camp and Retreat Center

"The Spark is a band that truly loves the Lord through using their gifts of worship. This is a band that has a heart and passion for seeing people worshipping Jesus Christ. They not only stand out for Jesus on stage, but in their everyday lives. I donʼt see them as performers but true worship leaders that have a heart to see everyone hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

-David Clifton - Artist Relations Manager
District United Methodist Youth Convention, SC


"The Spark carries an incredible anointing to lead not only young people, but people of all ages into the presence of God. We thoroughly enjoyed having them lead the Honor Academy students into abandoned worship on our campus. From their first visit The Spark instantly felt like family, clicking with our students and staff in a spiritual and relational way that only family in Christ can do."

-Jennifer Fleming - Artist Relations Manager Teen Mania Ministries


“In an ever increasing array of worship leading bands ʻThe Sparkʼ truly stand out for a number of reasons. Their musical excellence is combined with a genuine sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, the result being a gift to the Church which is both equipping and inspiring. Their passion for unity and maturity in the Church has been hugely effective in building bridges across generational & denominational divides. However, the highest commendation I can give regarding The Spark is that their worship leading ministry is authentic, in that each member lives a radical Christ-centered life of a true worshiper. “

-John C. Lalgee – Director, One Church Ministries