Something strange happened in the swamps of south Georgia. Heath McNease grew up in the sticks. He is a nerd turned theatre major turned rapper turned folk singer turned redneck turned nerd all over again. His approach to music is influenced by so many different styles and textures that finding just one genre for him to neatly rest in is impossible. Growing up, his mom gave him The Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkle, and The Beatles. His brothers gave him gangster rap. Classic rock, blues, and folk would eventually collide with his love for hip hop and...yes...musical theatre. Heath is a fearless lyricist. With his rapid fire, multi syllabic rhymes, unabashedly honest storytelling, and insanely erratic freestyles onstage...he leaves people feeling like they've just connected with a genuine guy. Not a pretender...

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"Of all the artists that we work with at Epworth By The Sea, Heath is one of the best.  From the moment he arrives to the day that he leaves, he makes himself available to the students and the staff.  He is professional in his music but he is first and foremost relational in his ministry.  The weekend event was better because Heath was here!

-Adam Ricker
Associate Director of Connectional Ministries
South Georgia Conference United Methodist church

"Our venue is not a Christian venue. We operate as a community center for students in the area, and many of the kids that come to our shows are not believers. Having said that, I couldn’t have been more impressed with how graciously and powerfully Heath shared the truth of God’s Word with our audience. He was as respectful as anyone could be, and yet he very confidently and sincerely shared his Christian faith. I’m looking forward to the next time we can have Heath with us again."

-Dan Stinnett
Director of “The Hub” in New Lenox, IL


"After three separate and distinct chances to work with Heath, I would hire him any chance that I could and that is why I wrote this letter.  I believe in Heath and what he is doing for the Kingdom."

-Jarrod Spalding
Lead Pastor of Dayspring Community Church in Canal Winchester, OH


"I have also had the opportunity for Heath to lead an entire worship service for me.  Again the same results, as he is so gifted, and have seen all ages and backgrounds united, in powerful and intentional worship.  Heath is humble enough to say worship leading would not be his greatest strength, but what is so amazing for an artist like that to say, is the time he led worship, was the most impactful and powerful worship service I have ever been a part of!  His heart is so passionate, that his humility and transparency shines through, giving all credit and glory to the audience of one!”

-Kody Kirkoff
Youth Pastor at Sunset Bay Chapel in Lithia, FL