Hey, I’m George. Believe it or not, I actually don’t enjoy talking about myself very much. But for the sake of my writings on this site, I will probably say the word “I” more then any other time or any other writings in my life. I think that the fact that I don’t like to talk about myself much irritates people in interviews sometimes (even though they don’t tell me that out loud). I’m not very good at just offering a lot of information about myself unless specifically asked. I never wanna be “that guy” that runs his mouth a million miles an hour going on an on about himself. Or maybe it’s because I’m not always that comfortable with letting people get to know me like that. Or maybe its combination of both… yea... I think that’s it… anyway… I was born September 23, 1982, so I’ll let you do the math to determine how old I actually am. I look pretty young for my age, but I'd say looking younger comes with more pros then cons. I enjoy being young, and the older I get, I’m growing to appreciate my youth even more because I am starting to understand how fast life goes by.

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Our kids loved having George Moss at our youth event!  Not only did he bring it during his musical performance, which he did, but he also brought the Word! He went out of his way before and after his performance to sign autographs and just hang out.  We can’t wait to have him back for an encore!

DJ Hrab
LIT Youth Ministries
His Place Cathedral of Faith